NYE - 2012 - 1920's classics (all our much loved originals will be available too)

French 75

This drink was named after a gun used by the French in WW1.  The recipe, like its name has been in constant battle between gin and cognac for 80 years.  I like to differentiate by using gin making a French 75 basically a Tom Collins with bubbles and use cognac in a Classic Champaign Cocktail.

Southside Cocktail
This drink is still the house Cocktail in the bar it was created in back in 1919 in New York City.  It's said Al Capone and his boys wouldn't touch anything else when they were out for a drink.  Basically a rolled Gin Mojito
Side Car
Named after the WW1 Motorcycles used by the Italians.  The Sidecar has many different variations.  This drink was always meant to be sour so I like to give the option of an icing sugar rim to balance out the drink for those with more sweet tendencies

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