Cin Cin Aperitivo Hour in style!

Morries is hosting a Cin Cin Aperitivo Hour in style!

OPEN DOOR!  Be there early for this sampling session!
3.30pm - 5.30pm on the Saturday of Gourmet Escape Weekend 23rd November!

Enjoy a classic Aperitivo afternoon cocktail mixed by your personal host Sam Astbury from Campari, Billy Phillips & his crew!

Revel in the glamour and social experience of the Italian Aperitivo.  
The classic way to start your evening with an Aperitivo cocktail and the company of good friends down at Morries!
These classic Aperitivo cocktails wake the senses and develop the appetite!  Cin Cin!

We look forward to treating you on this afternoon of elegant & chilled vibes!
Presented by Cinzano, Aperol & Campari.

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