End of Vintage Parties!!!

Netters, pickers, winery crews, cellar hands, cellar door staff, winemakers and everyone in between..  our whole region is in some way, connected to the crAzy vibration that is Vintage!
Morries would like to congratulate all our local wineries for their 2015 vintage!  In celebration of all the hard work andpassion that has gone into tomorrows drops for us all to sip andsavour, we've packaged up some tiered tapas and mains meals for you all to head to Morries for your End of Vintage Parties!

With tantalising  tapas &  mains dishes to try, Morries will make it easy for you to kick back in a lively vibe that makes you want to move! 

set menu 1: tapas to share & main course $45pp

set menu 2: main course & dessert $45pp

set menu 3: tapas to share, main course & dessert $55pp

set menu 4: tapas to share, main course & cheese plate $57pp

Not forgetting kicking off with a pre party  cocktail, finishing with one of our famed Money Shots!, or join us for an extended long lunch!

Call 9758 8280 to book your group in!